Adopt a Sled Dog

Interested in owning a Wolf's Den sled dog?

A little about our breeding program

We have never, nor will we ever, breed dogs in an attempt to make a profit by selling puppies as pets. We breed dogs with the ambition of producing the best possible sled dogs. We keep every puppy until it is at least one year old and we give each puppy every possible opportunity to make it on our team.

However, we do occasionally have retiring dogs and, sometimes, young dogs that cannot make our team who we place in pet homes. We've decided to call it adoption because we do not make any money on the placing of our dogs. There is a fee for a adopting one of our dogs, but this fee goes to SPAYING/NEUTERING the dogs and the shipping costs for having the dog delivered to you. We do not make a profit from this fee.


Still interested?

All of our dogs are exceptionally healthy, very athletic, and highly socialized. Many of our older dogs adapt readily into a relaxed home environment, while our younger dogs prefer an active lifestyle (jogging, biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, walks, etc.)

We owe everything we have accomplished to our dogs, which makes them very special to us. Because we invest so much of ourselves into raising and caring for them, their continued care and well-being is our primary focus. We will only place dogs in homes where they will receive the attention, love, and care that they deserve.

Dogs currently available:

If you would like more information and/or would like to meet the dogs currently available for adoption, please contact us