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The approximate cost for prepping for and competing in the Iditarod are:

  • Iditarod entry fee - $4,000

  • Dog food - $4,000/month

  • Meat for dogs - $1,000/month

  • Booties - $3,000

  • Harnesses and jackets - $1,000

  • Veterinary care - $2,000

  • Clothing - $2,000

  • Arctic sleeping bag - $600

  • Sled materials - $1,000

  • Truck fuel - $1,000

  • Travel costs to the starting line - $1,000

  • Travel costs home from Nome - $3,000

  • Shipping supplies to the trail - $1,500

The Iditarod has been our dream for a long time. This 1100 mile long race across Alaska draws attention from around the world. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for mushers and dogs to care for one another as they travel across some of the last true wilderness.

While the Iditarod has been our dream, it pales in comparison to the experience of living with dogs. Mushing combines caring for animals with Olympic level training. Our dogs are much more than superior working animals. They are our friends, comrades, co-workers, family. We strive to give them the best in housing, nutrition, training and health care.

Long distance mushing is all about teamwork. Sponsoring Mike and the dogs at The Wolf's Den Kennel allows you to enjoy the thrill of mushing without leaving the comfort of home. Your support helps the dogs at all levels and we look forward to you becoming a part of our team.

There are multiple ways that you can support the team.

Sponsor a specific dog in our kennel.

Make a general donation to the kennel.

Kennel Donatation

This winter Amanda Otto is racing dogs from our kennel. Support Amanda and the dogs in pursuing their racing dreams!

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Wolf Pack Members

Marty Hauler
Thank you for getting us to the starting line!

Jim and Joy Wheeler
Thank you for believing in us year after year. Mike thinks of you with every turn of his sled!

Jack and Maria Santos
Thank you very much for everything you have done to support us. Your belief in our goals means a lot!

Fran Gray
Thank you very much for supporting our kennel and our dreams!

Tom and Ellen Farbo
Many thanks to The Denali Wild One and EZ for all you do to make our team the best!

John and Nancy Brady
We would like to thank John and Nancy for their generous support.